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"September 22. Nothing."

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Female BAMFs Throughout History

I am really, really angry that the majority of these women don’t even get their name attached to their accomplishments.

OK I’m just going to fix it because I can’t stand this.

The first woman is Ching Shih who took over her pirate husband’s role after his death in 1807

The next three women, Nancy Wake, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, and Rukhsana Kauser are already named.

Heres the website for the Gublabi Gang.

The woman who gave her life saving others on the Pan-Am flight in 1986 is Neerja Behnot. She managed to warn the pilots and protect hostages during the incident.

The woman who allegedly cooked and ate her husband (I’m not finding any evidence for the actual eating part) is Zainab Bibi

Susan Kuhnhausen is the woman who fought off her husband, Michael’s, hit man. Michael died in prison.

The transgender kickboxer is known as Nong Tum or Parinya Charoennphol

Juliane Koepcke, now Juliane Diller, survived the plane crash that killed her mother, Maria

If you want to talk about how strong women are how about you include their fucking names

espiãs sensuais

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Elizabeth Jobim

Série Afins, 2014

Mineral, 2012


Ida (2013): "Suicide is just a moment.

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Ren Hang

From Photography 2014 II

Cracks, 2009.

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